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Strategic Advisory

Market Entry Strategy:     

Expert guidance for successful entry into European and British markets.

Go-to-Market Strategy: 

Crafting strategic plans to maximize market penetration and business success.

Turnaround Strategies: 

Guiding businesses through strategic and digital transformations and turnarounds to enhance value and growth.

Sales Opperations

Sales Acceleration: 

Implementation of tailored strategies to optimize sales performance and drive revenue growth. 

Proposal Management: 

End-to-end management of proposal creation, submission, and deal lifecycle.

RfX Support:

Supporting all phases - from creating a RfX to evaluating the proposals, the vendor selection and doing negotiations as well as contracting.


Executive Coaching:

We specialize in executive and leader coaching, particularly for individuals newly promoted to such roles, providing them with the essential guidance and strategies needed to effectively manage their newfound responsibilities and excel in their leadership positions.

Start-up Coaching: 

We empower startups by crafting compelling pitch decks, coaching on effective communication with investors, and facilitating interactions during presentations to ensure their success.

Investors Advisory

DueDilligence Suport:

With our profound market knowledge accumulated over the years, we quickly discern the real potential and truth in sales pipelines. This expertise positions us to assist Private Equity and Venture Capital firms in assessing FinTech companies, focusing on evaluating their solution sets, current sales structures, pipelines, and business strategies. This targeted approach ensures a deep understanding of each FinTech's market readiness and strategic positioning.

Product & Solutioning

Solution / Product Identification:

Assessing and recommending the right solutions and products to meet client and market needs.

Software Selection:

Specializing in Core Banking and Wealth-mangement systems, Payment hubs, Card management (Issuing & Acquiring) and cutting-edge Crypto solutions.

Backoffice Support

Regulatory & Compliance:   

Ensuring strict adherence to financial regulations, including:

  • DORA
  • PSD2 
  • MaRisk
  • 4 & 5 AMLD


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