As Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, I'm profoundly grateful for NG's pivotal role in building our new Crypto Payments Division at KYT. Their deel experience and strategic acumen were fundamental in navigating the complexities of this ambitious project. NG's contributions were instrumental in our success, establishing a new industry benchmark and profoundly impacting our company's direction.

Michael Wild, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer - KYT Pay (Acquired by Ammer Group)

Collaborating with NG Consulting has provided a significant boost to specific areas of our development. We have gained expert insights into banking and blockchain regulations, along with valuable advice on market strategy, self-presentation  other strategies such as a proper Go-to-Market Strategy. We are grateful to be a part of their robust network, which has energized us to advance to the next level of business development!

Yücel Homan, CEO & Founder - Mosquito Pay

The collaboration with NG Consulting has exceeded our expectations in every respect. NG has proven to be an indispensable ally in the banking and finance sector, particularly in adressing the unique challenges faced by Banks. Their profound expertise, customized way of advisory, and innovative approach have enabled us to refine our business strategies and strengthen our market position.

Ümit Yaman, Managing Director - Oyak Anker Bank

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